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 Clasic Gamecube Games On Wii?

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PostSubject: Clasic Gamecube Games On Wii?   Sun May 31, 2009 12:57 am

Yes, it has been confirmed by Nintendo that classic Game Cube games will be released on the wii, not through the Virtual Console, But on a disc!
Nintendo has come up with new Wii play controls for some and possibly more Game Cube games!
Some of the already released games include:
Mario Power Tennis
And Donkey Kong Jungle Beat!

These games do not use the classic controller or any other controller other than the wii mote and nun chuck! The new game play design gets you off your butts and get active, especially for Mario power tennis!

The first game was released a few months ago, that game was Pikmin, the next to come out is Mario and Donkey Kong, And hopefully more in the near future!

I have not yet played these games with the new play controls, but just from looking at it, I can give it at least a 7/10!
As soon as I play one or all of them, i will put a accurate rating!
Cant wait for the older Legend Of Zelda games to come out with this feature!!!


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Clasic Gamecube Games On Wii?
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