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 Game hacks/cheats/exploits/bots

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Game hacks/cheats/exploits/bots Empty
PostSubject: Game hacks/cheats/exploits/bots   Game hacks/cheats/exploits/bots Icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 1:02 am

I'm not too sure if I'm going to follow up with this...

But if anyone know of any VIRUS FREE (must contain a virus/malicious report)
please post any hacking, cheating, exploiting, boting programs here. (make a new thread in this section)

If you fail to add a virus scan of the program, I will delete the post, and infract you. Viruses are a huge deal with me, If one is even accused of having a virus, you will be on temp ban until I get it scanned. if it comes back with viruses, have a nice life outside of Paradox Gaming, Because you will be banned.

None of these programs will be used on our own gaming servers ( if and when we get one.) If caught using any of these (when added) you will be banned. That"s the rules of all servers.

And as always, Use at your own risk. Many servers have an auto-ban feature.

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Game hacks/cheats/exploits/bots Tylur10
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Game hacks/cheats/exploits/bots
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