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 Great Game...

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PostSubject: Great Game...   Great Game... Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 6:56 am

all i have to say is............................Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 =D
Best game ever. Its the best dynasty warriors game out in my opinion.
Where to start....max level for each pilot is 50...yeah that's right 50!
added a tech development shop thing where you can upgrade items and attach special things like speed boost. You can also turn in a part and the lab will take it apart and make you a new one for a different gundam. You obtain other Mobile Suits/Gundams by collecting parts to complete the mobile suit and gundams by getting your friendship level high enough with a certain person. Then you do their license mission and can obtain their Gundam. So far i have put about 5 hours into the game....sadly my brother hogs it seeing as how its his. In my 5 hours of playing i love this game and i am buying my own copy soon...also i forgot they have Online play. Where you verse other players. I havent done i yet but my brother has.

So if you want to try a new game rent this one. =D enjoy

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Great Game...
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