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 Rules for game reviews.

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Rules for game reviews. Empty
PostSubject: Rules for game reviews.   Rules for game reviews. Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2009 11:38 pm

Game reviews are essential to new gamers, This allows them to know which game is in their level of expertise, and which type of game they are more into. Some people like First Person Shooters (FPS) and others like Role Playing Games (RPG's).

this should be the layout of the game review.

Rating given by reviewer: (use star emoticon for user rating between 1 star and 5)
Type of game:
And what you thought of the game:

I will start with one.

Title: Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask
Rating: E
Rating by user: Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
Type of game: RPG/ Fantasy
Language: English/Japanese
Description:The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask, Is the second installment of the 3D versions of the Legend of Zelda series. You start out in a deep forest, but your horse gets spooked, knocking you off, and knocking you unconscious. When you awake, a Skull Kids is playing with your Ocarina, you try to take it back, but he takes off on your horse, when you get to the town, you are told that there is only 3 days until the moon festival. Little does anyone know, but the moon is under the skull kids power, it's going to destroy the town! You main objective is to retrieve the Majoras Mask that the skull kid is wearing. The mask is what is making the moon destroy the town. You have to get 30 masks to trade with little kids to gain entrance to Majora.
These masks take weeks to get, so you have to use your Ocarina to go back in time to retrieve the rest. Once completed, you are then to move to the the highest point of the village where the Skull Kid is. He will then "teleport" to the moon where you give the kids the masks and play hide and seek with them. Majora has three different incarnations used to defeat you, each one using different skills.

Just a warning to anyone, SAVE BEFORE YOU GO TO THE MOON! I did not do this, and I has to get 4 masks again.

What you thought of the game: This game was so much fun, difficult, but that's why it was so fun. I really suggest getting this game for the virtual console, because it's so hard to find it on the Nintendo 64.

Rules for game reviews. Ub1956566Rules for game reviews. Ub1970977
Rules for game reviews. Ub1962447Rules for game reviews. Ub1767890

Rules for game reviews. Tylur10
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Rules for game reviews.
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